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Our dispatch platform gives you a real-time overview of the status, SOC, remaining range, and location of your trucks. Custom alerts will tell you when and why your operation deviates from the planning, so that informed actions can be taken to maintain a punctual schedule. By integrating your chargers, you will have a full overview of your operation.

ViriCiti’s proprietary machine learning algorithm will score drivers on key parameters, indicating what aspects need improvement. Driver reports are available per driver or per group to help you train drivers or discuss personal scores. External influences such as weather, road steepness, number of passengers (or: passenger load), are taken out of the equation for objective results. Our experience shows that efficient driving styles can increase range of a truck by up to 30%.

You can also receive diagnostic alerts that detect malfunctions while your trucks are on or off the road. Based on severity, your depot team can remotely decide to pull your vehicles or schedule maintenance. And with automatic maintenance notifications you will prevent breakdowns and cell degradations.

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Customer succes video in which the founder of Breytner explains how ViriCiti's bus telematics has helped them in operating their electric fleet.

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