Electric and non-electric
fleet management
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The all-in-one platform for buses, trucks, vans and chargers.

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All in One-4x


Manage all your vehicles and chargers in one dashboard. We integrate with any OEM, and
connect both electric and non-electric vehicles.

actionable insights-4x

Actionable insights 

Gain valuable insights in real time energy management, live fault notifications, operations reports, smart charging and much more.

easy to integrate-4x

Easy to integrate 

Optimize your fleet operations by sharing real time vehicle & charger data regardless of
your software systems (ITCS, CAD-AVL, YMS).

independent data-4x

Independent data

As a 3rd party service provider, ViriCiti offers independent data that can be trusted by both fleet operators and OEMs.

modular system-4x

Modular system

Choose and pay only for the features you need. Our flexible packages are easily adapted
when your operations change or grow.

dedicated partner-4x

Dedicated partner

Being an IT company at heart, we can build custom features and we take pride in our fast,
responsive customer support.

How does ViriCiti work?

A video explaing what VriCiti can do for a fleet operator. It covers all of ViriCiti's services from electric bus monitoring to charge station monitoring and smart charging.

Our powerful dashboard will provide all the information you need to optimize your transport operations.

  • Battery reports (stress level analysis)
  • Remaining range
  • Driver analytics
  • Fault notifications
  • Custom alerts
  • Mileage reports
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Warranty conditions monitoring
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Charger status
  • Remote charger resets
  • Smart charging (peak load balancing)
  • And much more

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