Battery stress evaluation

Reduce maintenance costs and prevent battery issues.
Lower total cost of ownership and extend your battery life.

Why do a battery stress level evaluation?

When purchasing your vehicles, they come with a certain maximum range. Throughout time however, this range will decrease due to degradation of your batteries. Based on detailed data of the batteries, the battery evaluation report provides you with insights in the performance of your batteries and how you can undertake actions to prolong the battery life cycle. 

What do I get?

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI, ViriCiti offers its customers an in-depth evaluation of the stress level exerted on your batteries. Your electric vehicle data is analyzed by battery specialists after which you will receive a straight-forward report, indicating the most stressful factors and how to improve on them.

Show me what the report looks like
  • The outcome is a comprehensive number (‘stress factor’), broken down in weight per contributing factor.
  • An overview of your operation and the contributing stress factors to the overall battery stress per week.
  • Operation-specific advice on improvement.
ViriCiti telematics platform electric vehicle battery stress evaluation.

Want to know more about how to improve your battery performance?

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