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Batteries can represent up to 50% of the cost of an electric vehicle.

Are you aware of what happens with them?

Understanding what happens with your electric vehicle’s batteries can be a real challenge.

The main problem is that the Battery Management System (BMS), which serves as the ‘brain of the battery’, is offline and does not provide any data storage.

This means you have no visibility into what happens now or what happened in the past with your batteries.

The solution is EV battery telematics. This cloud based solution collects data in real time, every single millisecond. The data is also backed up online creating a digital twin of each battery.

This enables you to monitor your batteries in real time, as well as create detailed historical reports.

Introducing ViriCiti Battery Telematics

Discover underperforming batteries

The weakest cell limits the entire battery. Save costs by replacing only what’s broken. See case below.

Fewer EV battery breakdowns

Get instant notifications if a battery approaches dangerous temperatures
or SOC levels.

Warranty & claim optimization

Use the cloud-stored data as proof for insurances or warranty contracts in case of problems.

Faster data collection & remote troubleshooting

Detect and fix battery issues faster through collecting field data remotely.

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Understand aging & improve state of health

Predict battery lifetime and investments through detailed battery reports incl. aging speed and remaining usable battery capacity.

Increase battery end-of-life value

Increase resale value at the end of your battery’s life by proving SOH and usage behaviour through historic data.

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Vital indicators for all your teams


  • Real-time balancing status
  • Real-time cell voltages
  • Real-time SOC
  • Real-time temperature


  • State of health report
  • Remaining battery life indicator
  • Historic cell temperatures
  • Historic cell voltages


  • Total number of cycles
  • Total energy used
  • Max temp ever achieved
  • Min SOC ever achieved

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