Aug 11
CTE Releases Guidebook for Zero Emission Bus Deployment

CTE Releases Guidebook for Zero Emission Bus Deployment

What is the best zero-emission bus for you? Well, the answer might not satisfy you: it really depends on your specific operation.  However, we do have some news that might be to your liking.  The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) just released a “Guidebook for Deploying Zero-Emission Transit... read more →
Aug 03
what is energy consumption in electric vehicles?

What is the energy consumption of electric vehicles?

The energy consumption of electric vehicles is like fuel consumption of diesel vehicles, it measures how efficient you are. As more companies transition to electric fleets, understanding the energy consumption of different electric vehicles becomes paramount, as it will have a major impact on the financial bottom line of an... read more →
Jul 21
Jul 13
How to use incidents to monitor battery information

Remote Battery Monitoring for Electric Vehicles

In our previous blog post, Incidents: The Importance of Real-Time Alerts for Electric Buses, we explain what the ViriCiti Incidents feature is and how it can help fleet operators always be on top of any critical issue.  Now, we want to go a step further. We will discuss how you... read more →
Jul 08
Jul 06
Jun 29

A Guide to Understanding the New VDV-463 Standard

Over the last few months, ViriCiti’s Co-Founder and CCO, Alexander Schabert, has worked together with a selected group of e-mobility experts to help define the new VDV-463 standard.  This brand-new standard defines the interoperability between chargers and depot management software, in Germany, in order to help accelerate the adoption of... read more →
Jun 16
Smart charging for BYD electric buses

Smart Charging for BYD Electric Buses

One of the most crucial parts of monitoring your fleet is monitoring your chargers. With an expanding electric bus fleet, you also need to consider your charging capacity. Smart charging combines vehicle, planning, utility information, and other data sources in order to increase the efficiency of your charging infrastructure and... read more →
Jun 11
Jun 10