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Checking Charging/Driving Status for An Entire Fleet at Once

As electric fleets increase in size, their charging/ driving status can become more difficult to track.  The larger the fleet size the more complex this task becomes.

There can be a significant learning curve for the employees like the fuel team or the drivers, depending on who is responsible for tracking and fueling buses. 

 Remote Diagnostics can be used to check the status of a vehicle easily, saving time and money. Find out more below!

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Check the Fleet Status

With remote diagnostics, it is possible to check up on how each bus is doing remotely. Meaning you do not have to physically be at the bus and/or the charger. 

This provides a birds-eye view of multiple buses at once. Additionally, custom made reports with tailor-made actionable insights for your fleet are easily accessible.   

This is increasingly important as you add more vehicles to your fleet and rely on them for service significantly.

check the fleet status remote diagnostics

Focus For Your Fleet 

It is also possible to focus on the problem units of the fleet if there are any since the fleet list is available all in one place. Multiple members of the team, such as operations and maintenance can access the list of fleets and problem units at the same time. The groups can then work together smoothly to schedule units for repair and still complete service.

In this way, you can save time and money by efficiently identifying and repairing issues before they become severe.

Remote Notifications

It is important to have the option to receive remote notifications about the status of the fleet. Remote notifications can be quite useful in multiple situations. For example, if a bus is at a low state of charge or if a bus is not charging between certain hours.

Notifications can be directed towards different groups, depending on who is responsible for driving and charging vehicles. It’s also straight forward to stay on top of charging/ driving statuses. With a system like this, it is easy to maintain and monitor your fleet.

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