Feb 18

The Effect of Cold Weather on Electric Bus Range

During this time of year, one of the most important factors in the reduction of range in electric buses is the cold weather.  Even though there is a lot of empirical evidence that this is true, we rarely can find some hard evidence that helps us understand the effects of... read more →
Feb 11
Jan 24
Jan 16

Understanding Battery Warranty For Electric Buses

Did you know a standard Lithium-ion battery experiences 10 times more degradation when operated near 100% cycle DoD compared to when operating at a 10% DoD for the same amount of charged power (DOD = Depth of Discharge)? So why is that important to know? Well, in practical terms, when... read more →
Dec 19

Qbuzz turns Groningen green with 152 Electric Buses

For the first time in Europe, 152 electric buses have been introduced to one city at the same time. This makes this extensive project the largest introduction of electric buses in one go (outside of China). And together with the 12 electric buses already in usage, the e-fleet now totals... read more →
Dec 17

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Telematics System for Diesel Buses

Tracking your vehicle data in a telematics system to monitor your non-electric vehicles, such as Diesel or CNG buses, helps you increase efficiency, safety, and passenger comfort. It also reduces your fleet’s overall carbon footprint.  Let’s explore these benefits and see why you might need a telematics system for your... read more →
Dec 11
Dec 02

4 essential steps to electric bus procurement

Time is ticking away for bus operators. In most European countries, the aim is for transport to be zero-emission by 2030 with North America following closely. Have you got your e-fleet up and running yet? The C40 Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration includes a growing number of cities which commit... read more →
Oct 15

Smart Charging Electric Buses: The Ultimate Guide

What is smart charging? The easiest way to understand Smart Charging is to compare it to regular charging. With regular (non-smart) charging as soon as you plug in a vehicle into a charger it will start charging. In this scenario, the battery demands the maximum amount of power until fully... read more →
May 14
The DataHub. ViriCiti's own hardware to accompany their electric vehicle telematics software.

Aligning the coordinate systems of accelerometer and vehicle

A blog by Sebastian Liem and Erwin Poeze - ViriCiti Labs ViriCiti provides insights in electric, CNG, diesel, hybrid, and hydrogen vehicles, as well as their charging infrastructure. We can, therefore, provide full insight in energy management, maintenance, route operations, and flexible charging for mixed fleets. Currently, we are working... read more →