Jan 29
May 23

ViriCiti API Gateway

Evolved from the traditional monolithic approach, ViriCiti’s system consists of multiple services that run in containerized Docker environments, utilizing Kubernetes as container orchestrator. This architectural style, called Microservices, has been actively debated on in the past few years and consists of the idea of decomposing a system into a collection... read more →
May 07

ViriCiti and Fraunhofer announce collaboration to prolong battery life of electric buses and trucks

The battery life of electric vehicles still presents a financial challenge for the electrification of the transport sector. That is why the Fraunhofer institute for Transportation and Infrastructure IVI, expert in the field of Lithium-ion batteries, and real-time electric vehicle data specialist ViriCiti, have started a unique collaboration. This collaboration aims to prolong battery... read more →
Mar 16
Mar 07

First energy route planner for electric buses and trucks

Electric bus driving a route for which ViriCiti has predecited the energy usage with its EV energy route planner.
ViriCiti and Simacan have finalized their collaboration project ‘EV Fleet Analyzer’. This online tool is the first to predict the energy consumption for electric vehicles based on road segmentation and vehicle data. This way, feasibility of deploying electric vehicles can be accurately predicted for routes that have never been driven before. EV Fleet... read more →
Jul 11

Our first Customer Success Film

From the beginning of electric transport in Europe, ViriCiti has been working with various partners that made the early electric transition. Four years ago, Schiphol became our first Dutch customer that deployed electric buses. After that, we worked together with small and large bus producers, public bus operators, commercial truck... read more →
Apr 10

ViriCiti goes Silicon Valley

Today we officially opened our new US-office in Palo Alto! Starting this week, our colleague Michael Coussement will be available for questions, all after-sales issues and on-site support and trainings. Five years ago this month, Michael started working with Transitions-Now. Passionate about e-mobility, he is ready to get started on... read more →
Mar 08

QBuzz and ViriCiti

We visited QBuzz with a film crew to see how QBuzz uses the ViriCiti system in their daily operations. This is what we found out..  
Jan 20

Animation ViriCiti

A video explaining what ViriCiti does. It covers all services from vehicle and charge station monitoring to smart charging.
Do you want to know what we do in just 1 minute? Well, ViriCiti monitors electric buses to increase the potential number of electric kilometers that can be driven. By taking away possible range anxiety experienced by drivers, operators and dispatchers electric buses can increase the use of their batteries.... read more →
Jan 13

ViriCiti on TV

ViriCiti's CEO Freek Dielissen at Qbuzz, talking about ViriCiti's electric vehicle monitoring telematics software.
Last month, ViriCiti visited QBuzz with an RTL film crew  in their main office in Utrecht. Here, our CEO Freek Dielissen and QBuzz's fleet manager, Han van der Wal talked about the electric future. Last weekend, this was broadcasted in 'Ondernemend Nederland' at RTL7. Missed it? Not to worry. Tomorrow, Saturday January... read more →