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Before ViriCiti we were blind: we were guessing how much work we could get out of one bus per battery charge. Now we optimized and get the most out of a bus we can.- Neil Clark – Service Delivery Manager – Nottingham City Council
With ViriCiti we have insights in efficiency and kilometers driven. Before we had to tap off the data from our local system. Now, this data is always there: Real-time and 24/7.- Lennart Evers – Technical Engineer – Ebusco
ViriCiti enables us to improve processes in the future. Real-time bus monitoring is an important feature - It gives us great visibility, it’s like our eyes.- Eric Lensink – Program and Project Manager – RET
  • ViriCiti customers Optare, Nottingham City Council, Stadtwerke Münster, and Ebusco.

Keolis Nederland rolled out the Smart Driving solution for around 1000 drivers in December 2020, in the regions of Utrecht and Almere.

“By using Smart Driving we can create a positive working atmosphere with the keywords ‘motivation and coaching’. With this influence and stimulus we are convinced that our performance and craftsmanship will increase on a broader scale and across multiple disciplines.” 

– Chris Hogeveen, Keolis Concession Manager for Province Utrecht and Almere


Qbuzz, Dutch public transport operator, now has the world’s largest Smart Charging project (outside China), rolled out by ViriCiti. 

“Qbuzz is taking the next step on the road towards Zero-Emission transport. Smart Charging is of great importance in this respect, helping us achieve an optimal use of our large electric bus fleets. We think that our collaboration with ViriCiti will allow us to have a more efficient approach to charging our electric fleet.”

– Tim van Twuijver, Sustainability Manager Qbuzz

RET chooses ViriCiti to monito 198 buses and 45 chargers

, one of the largest local public transport operators in the Netherlands, chose ViriCiti’s telematics solution to support their electrification efforts.

There were still a lot of unknowns with managing electric buses. ViriCiti enables us to gather data for analysis to improve processes in the future. Real-time bus monitoring is another important feature for us. It gives us great visibility, it’s like our eyes.”

Eric Lensink – Program and Project Manager


Nottingham City Council
, public transport operator in England, has the largest electric fleet in Europe with a total of 58 electric buses and will electrify their entire fleet within 6 years.

“The most significant results that I have seen from this telemetry system is the impact of regenerative braking. We found out we are regenerating 35 % plus of our energy per vehicle on a daily basis which is fantastic!”


Steve Cornes – Principal Project Officer Public Transport

Optare is one of the largest bus manufacturers in the UK and one of the largest producers of electric buses in Europe with about a 100 electric buses in service.

“Delivering electric buses is not just about building them and shipping them: it’s about the whole life cycle of the bus. ViriCiti shows the energy used and explains how the buses can be operated on the route. So every time we go into a new project, we start with mapping the route, understanding the energy and then working backwards from there.”

Robert Drewery – Commercial Director

is a city distributor based in Rotterdam. Having started in 2014, the company now deploys four full-electric 19 ton trucks and are building on the future of zero-emission city transport.

“In electric operations, your business case is basically determined by your driver so having good monitoring software is important. ViriCiti is very efficient to coach our drivers, see the consumption of the trucks and for data mining”.

Marie-José Baartmans – Owner

Ebusco is a Dutch electric bus manufacturer based in Helmond. They are completely focused on the production of full-electric buses and have their buses driving all over Europe.

“We already focused on electric buses since 2010 and people thought we were a little bit crazy. Now, we are really proud to see that what we thought in the beginning is becoming a reality. From its start, we closely worked together with ViriCiti and developed software to optimize our operation to give our customers better aftersales.”

Peter Bijvelds – CEO Ebusco

Stadtwerke Munster provides public transport in Munster for 120,000 passengers on a daily basis. They deploy 200 buses; five of which are electric.

“We use the ViriCiti system to see what is the best way to operate our electric buses. We are running an opportunity charging project, so charging is very important. ViriCiti allows us to monitor the charging systems as well.”


Eckhard Schläfke – Public Transport Manager

ViriCiti has won the Dutch Climate-KIC venture competition 2014, the Best Product of the Year award 2015, and has been selected for the Sustania 100 2016.
ViriCiti has won the Dutch Climate-KIC venture competition 2014, the Best Product of the Year award 2015, and has been selected for the Sustania 100 2016.

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