Services for charging stations

Connect your chargers via OCPP, add flexibility, and avoid peak loads and overtime in the depot.


Remote control

 A remote reset solves 80% of the issues of your charging stations. Save yourself a maintenance trip and keep your operation running according to schedule.

Full Operational Overview-4x

Full operational overview

 By connecting all your fleets and chargers, you have a real-time and complete overview of the availability, status, and performance of your entire operation in just one dashboard.

lower charging costs-4x

Lower charging costs

Integrate grid information, planning data, and route details to optimize your charging schedule. This will help you lower peak loads, while still having your buses fully charged when you need them.

Our packages

ViriCiti is compatible with all vehicle types and manufacturers.
These packages are specifically for charging stations:

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Charger Monitoring

  • Real-time status of your chargers
  • KPI charge reports
  • Remote reset of your chargers
  • Automated incident reporting
  • Match charging sessions with vehicle number
Smart Charging v2 Grey

Smart Charging Add-On

  • Load balance between chargers
  • Set maximum peak load
  • Integrate charge schedule based on planning
  • Prioritize charge sessions manually
  • Schedule charging
  • Peak/off-peak charging prio

How does it work?

To enable you to monitor and manage your chargers we are using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This protocol allows us to connect to your charging stations (fast charger or slow chargers) directly via the internet. You won’t need to connect any additional devices to your chargers.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between charging stations and a central management system, also known as a charging station network, similar to cell phones and cell phone networks.

We currently integrate with a number of charging station manufacturers including ABB and Heliox (integration through OCPP), as well as Furrer + Frey, Ebusco, Opbrid, and Schaltbau (integration via our DataHub).

Would you like to know more about smart charging? Read our article: What is smart charging?

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