Aug 18

Breytner manages their vehicles and drivers using ViriCiti’s telematics platform


Breytner is a city distributor based in Rotterdam. Having started in 2014, the company now deploys four full-electric 19 ton trucks and are building on the future of zero-emission city transport.



Insecurity about converted truck performance: Truck-converting companies promise the efficiency of their e-trucks, but there is a lot of insecurity around it.

Influence of the driver: The driving behavior can affect the performance of electric trucks much more that of diesel trucks.



Vehicle insights and diagnosis: Using ViriCiti, Breytner can get the data they need to make sure the electric trucks are running in order and any issues are diagnosed accordingly.



Clarity on e-truck performance: “At the beginning, we were using ViriCiti every day”.

Efficient driver coaching: the data provided by the ViriCiti system supports the coaching of drivers on the use of electric trucks.

“In electric operations, your business case is basically determined by your driver so having good monitoring software is important. ViriCiti is very efficient to coach our drivers, see the consumption of the trucks and for data mining.”

Marie-José Baartmans – Owner

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen