Jul 20

Bus manufacturer Ebusco optimizes operations with ViriCiti


Ebusco is a Dutch electric bus manufacturer based in Helmond. They are completely focused on the production of full-electric buses and have their buses driving all over Europe.

“We already focused on electric buses since 2010 and people thought we were a little bit crazy. Now, we are really proud to see that what we thought in the beginning is becoming a reality. From its start, we closely worked together with ViriCiti and developed software to optimize our operation to give our customers better after-sales support.”

Peter Bijvelds – CEO Ebusco


Tapping data from the local system: in order to see what is wrong with an e-bus, the maintenance team needs to tap into the local system, whcih is often time-consuming.

Stable battery cells: for an electric bus to be functional, all cells of its battery need to be stable. Insight into their status is therefore crucial.



Insight into bus parameters and battery: the ViriCiti system provides real-time and historical insights into various bus parameters and battery status, all in one place.



Quick and efficient maintenance: the centralized ViriCiti platform helps Ebusco save maintenance time and costs.

Fast support: When a customer has an issue, they can get direct insights via ViriCiti and address the problem in a timely, transparent manner.

Timely prevention of battery issues: The ViriCiti platform provides upfront insights into the state-of-health of the battery, down to cell level.

About The Author

Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen