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Keolis aims at increasing efficiency, safety and passenger comfort with ViriCiti’s Smart Driving

The updated ViriCiti functionality was developed in close collaboration with both Keolis’ management and drivers


Keolis Nederland provides public transport with over 2300 employees in Almere, Gelderland, Overijssel and Utrecht, and transports 45 million passengers annually with 700 buses and 25 trains. With such a large fleet, increasing efficiency and safety is an important goal. Driving style is one of the most impactful factors on consumption and road safety, but can be difficult to monitor and improve, without the right approach.


  • Increase efficiency and safety: driving style has a big impact on consumption and safety, and can vary a lot between drivers. 
  • Transparency and fairness: Driver monitoring systems can be seen as invasive and not fair towards the drivers. 
Photo: Keolis / J de Jonge


As part of their continued commitment to increase efficiency, safety and passenger comfort, Keolis Nederland started rolling out the new and improved Smart Driving solution from ViriCiti for about 1,000 drivers in the region of Utrecht and city of Almere, in December 2020. An initial pilot was set up to gather feedback and improve the final product.


  • Driver approval: ViriCiti and Keolis worked closely with bus drivers to incorporate their feedback into the final Smart Driving product. These drivers have become internal ambassadors within the Keolis training and started advocating the new Smart Driving feature to the rest of their colleagues.
  • Fully transparent & fair assessment: ViriCiti’s advanced statistical model can isolate and measure the actual impact a driver has on a trip, excluding the influence of external factors such as vehicle weight, weather conditions, or traffic.
  • Smoother driving style: Since the end of the pilot, drivers that took part in it have improved their driving skills and their score considerably. 

“By using Smart Driving we can create a positive working atmosphere with the keywords ‘motivation and coaching’. With this influence and stimulus we are convinced that our performance and craftsmanship will increase on a broader scale and multiple disciplines.” 

 – Chris Hogeveen, Keolis Concession Manager for Province Utrecht and Almere

ViriCiti Smart Driving Dashboard

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