Jun 28

Nottingham City Council maximizes vehicle utilization using ViriCiti’s telematics

Nottingham City Council, public transport operator in England, has the largest electric fleet in Europe with a total of 58 electric buses and will electrify their entire fleet within 6 years.


Nottingham City Council, a public transport operator in England, has one of the largest electric fleets in Europe, with a total of 58 electric buses. Their goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2028.


  • Driver acceptance of e-buses: Electric vehicles differ from diesel ones, and getting used to the different discipline needed for driving electric buses can be difficult even for experienced drivers.
  • Range anxiety: Switching to electric buses often leaves users wondering if the vehicles can finish their routes.


With ViriCiti, Nottingham City Council can access key fleet insights in a matter of seconds, via reports or real-time data. Matters like remaining range, energy consumption, or vehicle issues are much easier to identify that previously thought.


  • Greater utilization of vehicles: the operator can use fewer buses for doing a particular route, as planning is done more efficiently using the ViriCiti data.
  • Clear insights: The most significant results that I have seen from this telemetry system is the impact of regenerative braking. We found out we are regenerating 35% plus of our energy per vehicle on a daily basis, which is fantastic!” – Steve Cornes – Principal Project Officer Public Transport

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen