Jul 06

Optare chooses ViriCiti to improve the life cycle of their buses

Customer succes video in which after market director of Optare explains how ViriCiti's bus telematics has helped them in operating their electric fleet.


Optare is one of the largest bus manufacturers in the UK and one of the largest producers of electric buses in Europe, with about 100 electric buses in service. With cities being more concerned with sustainability, they move more towards green technology and electric buses.


In-depth insights into e-buses: “Before ViriCiti, we were in the dark.” Concrete data on e-bus performance and operator’s activity is needed in order to provide proper support and advice to customers.

Tracing incidents: Without in-depth data, it is difficult to pinpoint why certain incidents happen with electric buses, who is at fault, and how they can be prevented in the future.


Detailed data to support service: Optare uses ViriCiti to model and plan the route, telling them how many buses are needed to support the service and how much energy they will use.

Friendly user interface: Operators enjoy making use of the ViriCiti system as it’s user-friendly and it provides information that can help them optimize their operation.


10% improvement in range; 30% improvement in efficiency

Remote support: Through ViriCiti, Optare can have remote access to the buses and provide remote support to their customers;

Independent view: As a third-party solution, ViriCiti provides agnostic data that can help to easily identify and fix issues. “With VC’s system, we can hit the ground running, and the customer gets to service day 1 rather than day 100”.


“Delivering electric buses is not just about building them and shipping them: it’s about the whole life cycle of the bus. ViriCiti shows the energy used and explains how the buses can be operated on the route. So every time we go into a new project, we start with mapping the route, understanding the energy and then working backwards from there.”

Robert Drewery – Commercial Director

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen