Sep 21

Spokane expands electric fleet and monitors e-buses with ViriCiti


Spokane Transit Authority (STA) is the public transport authority in Spokane County, Washington, USA. In 2010, they started implementing electric buses into their fleet, driven by community interest and sustainability goals. They currently have ViriCiti installed on 10 vehicles and planned for 4 more.


  • Different technology: Battery-electric buses don’t use fuel like and electric bus. Consumption is variable depending on weather, and needs to be monitored for an efficient operation.
  • Need for insights: The lack of insights into the state-of-charge of the buses means not being sure if the buses can finish their routes and when they need to be charged.


  • Insights like SOC and Time Remaining: The ViriCiti platform provides insights which help dispatchers understand how far the buses will go, and when they need to be charged


  • Simple implementation: The ViriCiti system is easily implemented into the vehicles and provide information right away.
  • Better decision-making: Using ViriCiti before the buses go on routes, the operator can make better decisions about bus deployment and charging.

About The Author

Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen