Jul 17

Stadtwerke Munster uses ViriCiti for its growing e-fleet


Stadtwerke Munster provides public transport in Munster for 120,000 passengers on a daily basis. They deploy 200 buses, five of which are electric. For operating these vehicles, they chose for an opportunity charging strategy.


Reliability of e-buses: when starting with the electric vehicles, the operator was afraid of range limitations and potential long charging times.

Charging station insights: as the operator relies on opportunity charging via pantograph, if the charging stations go down, the whole operation is at risk.


E-bus and charging station monitoring: Using ViriCiti’s system, the operators can answer questions like ‘what is the best way to operate e-buses?” or prevent range anxiety.

In-depth reports: As the operator’s electric vehicles are part of the wider Zeus project, they use the ViriCiti data to generate in-depth analyses and reports.


Informed decision-making: using the real-time information provided via the ViriCiti platform, the manager can decide what to do with the buses depending on their status.

Fewer costs and vehicle replacements: with ViriCiti, the operator can avoid replacing e-buses too early, as they can fix issues timely with the insights available.

All-in-one:  the operator can also manage their newer fuel-cell buses, as ViriCiti is available for all fuel types.

“We use the ViriCiti system to see what is the best way to operate our electric buses. We are running an opportunity charging project, so charging is very important. ViriCiti allows us to monitor the charging systems as well.”

– Eckhard Schläfke – Public Transport Manager

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen