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ViriCiti can now offer Smart Charging for Proterra Chargers

Proterra’s Single Dispenser PCS chargers can now be integrated into ViriCiti's Smart Charging solution via OCPP.  This allows agencies and fleet operators with Proterra chargers to opt in for advanced Smarting Charging functionalities such as remote resets, load balancing and peak shaving.  ViriCiti’s solution can potentially save transit agencies and... read more →
Nov 06

ViriCiti Becomes an Approved Vendor for the Charge Ready Transport Program

We’re happy to announce that ViriCiti has officially become an approved vendor within Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Transport Program! This means Southern California Edison customers accepted to the program can use ViriCiti’s holistic fleet management solution to support California’s zero-emission policies and electrification efforts. The Charge Ready Transport program... read more →
Nov 03
Aug 11

CTE Releases Guidebook for Zero Emission Bus Deployment

CTE Releases Guidebook for Zero Emission Bus Deployment
What is the best zero-emission bus for you? Well, the answer might not satisfy you: it really depends on your specific operation.  However, we do have some news that might be to your liking.  The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) just released a “Guidebook for Deploying Zero-Emission Transit... read more →