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Qbuzz turns Groningen green with 152 Electric Buses

For the first time in Europe, 152 electric buses have been introduced to one city at the same time. This makes this extensive project the largest introduction of electric buses in one go (outside of China). And together with the 12 electric buses already in usage, the e-fleet now totals an impressive 164 electric buses!  

According to fleet operator Qbuzz, this new clean and efficient bus transportation, will lower  CO2 emissions by 90% (compared to the current concession)! 

Not only will the implementation of these electric buses help improve air quality and passenger comfort, but both operating costs, as well as energy costs, will be greatly reduced. This quieter and cleaner way of transportation will greatly improve the city’s atmosphere while also significantly reducing its carbon footprint related to transportation.

The ViriCiti team is extremely proud to be a key partner in this project. Our fleet management system was selected by Qbuzz to help them monitor and improve the operation of all their electric buses and chargers

With our platform, Qbuzz will get actionable insights into the performance of their buses, such as real-time range estimation, battery SOH, driving behavior, and charging station performance. 

But that’s not all, Qbuzz will also use our solution to monitor their non-electric buses. So in this project alone, the ViriCiti platform will be used to manage an impressive 430 buses: electric, hydrogen, and diesel plus 151 charging stations.

It’s exciting to see the Northern part of the Netherlands leading the way in the adoption of clean transportation, and serving as an example for other cities proving that transitioning towards zero-emission vehicles is in fact possible. 

We are very excited to be part of this extraordinary project and we’re looking forward to facilitating the transition to electric mobility in the Groningen Drenthe region.   

Of course, this would not have been possible without the involvement of 9 bus and charger OEMs: VDL, Ebusco, Heuliez, Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Van Hool, Tribus, Heliox and ABB. 

We believe that this extensive collaboration between illustrates perfectly the need for an open, ALL-in-One fleet management solution. 

And this is why ViriCiti’s platform, which can integrate with any OEM, any technology and any chargers is a must-have for fleet operators.

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