Aug 01

ViriCiti wins “Best Product of the Year” award


ViriCiti – together with Ziehl-Abegg’s ZAwheel – has been awarded with the “Best Product of the Year 2015-2016” award for their vEMS system. The award was achieved on grounds of Innovation, High Quality and Ecology:

The ZIEHL-ABEGG ZAwheel plus vEMS transfers all interesting and necessary parameters between a central server and the electris bus. vEMS is a monitoring system by ViriCiti, which can recognise if single batteries are low on energy. Before the whole battery needs to be exchanged at high cost, a faster and cheaper reaction is possible. In the same way, traffic situations, charging opportunities and range can be ideally integrated into the planning of routes and runtimes.” (Plus X Award, Hall of Fame, 2015)

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