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ViriCiti integrated on Caetano’s first electric buses in the UK, operated by Abellio London

CaetanoBus ViriCiti abellio London

Last month, 34 new CaetanoBus e.City Gold electric buses started their service with Abellio London, operating for Transport for London. This marks an important milestone for both companies as this is the first e-bus fleet for Abellio London, as well as the first order of electric buses that CaetanoBus delivered for a British PTO.

We are happy to have ViriCiti’s telematics system integrated on all the Caetano e-buses that are now driving on the roads of London. ViriCiti supports all parties involved with reliable data that can help them optimize their daily operations on the road to a fully-electric future.

Improving London’s air quality

The City of London has a long-term plan for improving its air quality, and part of this commitment is the transition towards zero-emission transportation. The Mayor of London plans to have all single deck buses go electric by the end of 2020, while projecting a full transition to a zero-emission public transport fleet by 2037. 

Abellio London, one of London’s larger operators, took an important step in this direction and got its first electric fleet. The 34 new e-buses, manufactured by CaetanoBus, have an augmented software and are adapted to comply with several specifications of Transport for London.

Tech solutions for energy management and reporting

For these buses, Zenobe Energy provides Abellio with an energy management solution including the batteries themselves, a charging system and a proprietary energy-optimizing platform.

ViriCiti’s system steps in to facilitate real-time monitoring and offer its easy-to-use reporting function. The latter is particularly important as the operator needs to report data on consumption and mileage regularly to Transport for London. With ViriCiti’s platform providing valuable real-time data and essential parameters such as estimated range, energy consumption, SoC or lamp status signals, the creation of data-rich reports is only a couple of clicks away.

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen