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We are on a mission to accelerate the adoption of commercial zero-emissions transportation on a global scale. However, in order to achieve this, we need to provide more than just the best-in-class fleet management platform. 

We also need to share our knowledge so our partners can navigate easier on the road towards an all-electric fleet. That’s why we are making public all our past webinars, and we will continue to share all our future ones.


We’re always working on new webinars for you.


E-Bus Operation – You can’t manage what you can’t measure

04 Feb 2021 | 60 m | 🇺🇸

Valery Kang – ViriCiti
Kelly Hoell – Lane Transit District
(guest panelist)
Joel Donham – CTE
Trishan Peruma – ViriCiti

Launching and expanding an electric fleet are exciting moments for an operator. But they come with particular challenges and opportunities. Join ViriCiti and CTE in a webinar featuring a panel discussion with guest speaker Kelly Hoell of Lane Transit District. Together we will explore:

  • How to develop a daily operation plan for e-buses

  • How to mitigate range anxiety using data

  • The most critical e-bus performance aspects to monitor

  • Dealing with the unknown when it comes to e-bus management

Eliminate Guesswork with Data – Understanding E-Bus Battery Performance

26 Nov 2020 | 60 m | 🇬🇧

Alexander Schabert – ViriCiti
Dr. Stephan Rohr – TWAICE

The battery can make up to 50% of the cost of an electric bus. Keeping it healthy means you’re protecting your investment.  And with the electric bus market growing at a staggering speed, understanding how to increase battery health and slow battery degradation is increasingly important. You’ll explore:

  • what battery degradation is and how it happens
  • why data-rich insights into the battery state of health are vital for an efficient operation
  • easy-to-use tips for slowing down battery degradation

Zero Emission Bus:
Developing an EV culture with good data

25 Nov 2020 | 55 m | 🇬🇧

Tony Oldham, Operations Director, CT4N
Sandra Radecka, Account Manager,
Lawrence Govender, Aftermarket Director, Optare
Daniel Hayes, Project Manager · ‎Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

As zero-emission bus technologies become more commonplace, there are several challenges that often stem from working with a new technology and transitioning away from the ‘normal existing (diesel) way of doing things.
The webinar discusses common challenges of EV bus operation, including:

  • Vehicle operations: where are they, what are they doing, are they charging and are they fully charged?
  • Driving behaviour: addressing range anxiety and regen breaking
  • Maintenance and warranty: is there a problem and what’s causing it?
  • Seasonal challenges: battery capacity and heating

Interoperability in E-Mobility: Software, hardware and planning aspects for electric bus fleets

27 October 2020 | 11AM West| 2PM East | 8PM CET | 🇺🇸

Trishan Peruma

Stephen Koskoletos

Chuck Ebbets

Kendell Whitehead

Fred Silver

We’re proud to have partner up with ABB and CALSTART in organizing a webinar to explore one of the hottest topics in the electric transit field – Interoperability.

Get the webinar recording and explore:

  • Why interoperability is a core principle for a future-proof electric fleet operation
  • Equipment compatibility and software integrations
  • Management approaches for facilitating interoperability

The webinar included a series of short presentations, audience surveys, an in-depth panel discussion on interoperability, and a Q&A round with questions from the audience.

Von der Ausschreibung zum Betrieb – Teil 2: Smarte Integration des Lade- und Lastenmanagements

21 Juli 2020 | 45 m | 🇩🇪

Moritz Vornfeld – ViriCiti
Hanae Tligui – ViriCiti

Lernen Sie..

  • Warum Sie sich VOR der Ausschreibung Gedanken über ihr Datenkonzept machen sollten
  • Wie eine ideale IT-Landschaft in einer fortgeschrittenen E-Bus Adaptionsphase aussehen kann
  • Warum und mit welchen anderen IT Systemen Sie Ihr Lademanagement integrieren sollten
  • Welche Integrationsmöglichkeiten und Standards es dabei gibt
  • …und mehr

ViriCiti x BAE Systems |How to increase time in all-electric mode
for your hybrid buses?

26 June 2020 | 35m |🇺🇸

  • ViriCiti and BAE Systems developed a functionality
  • It enables fleet operators with Series-ER electric hybrid systems to automatically switch the engine on or off in predefined geofenced areas.
  • To see the all-electric mode in action and learn more about the benefits, check out the webinar recording below:

Von der Ausschreibung zum Betrieb – Teil 1 Welche Daten benötige ich beim E Bus Einstieg

4 June 2020 | 28m | 🇩🇪

Moritz Vornfeld – ViriCiti
  • Warum Daten beim E-Bus-Betrieb wichtig sind
  • Welche Lösungen es auf dem Markt gibt
  • Warum Sie sich VOR der Ausschreibung Gedanken um Ihr Datenkonzept machen sollten
  • Welche Daten Sie vom OEM benötigen und wie Sie diese bekommen
  • Wichtige Erfahrungen und Best Practises

From tenders to operations. How to start your e-bus fleet with data.

15 April 2020 | 28m | 🇺🇸

Moritz Vornfeld – ViriCiti
  • Why vehicle-data is essential when starting your e-fleet
  • Which solutions are on the market already
  • Why thinking about data before the tender is crucial
  • What data you will need from the OEM & how to get it
  • First-hand experiences & best practices

How to schedule, operate and introduce electric buses into your CNG, hybrid and diesel fleet.

18 December 2019 | 48m | 🇺🇸

Roni Floman – Optibus

Moritz Vornfeld – ViriCiti
  • The main differences in planning for different vehicles types
  • How to determine charging moments
  • Practical examples of scheduling strategies
  • How to deal with different vehicle types, ranges and efficiencies
  • Charging strategies in & out of the depot
  • The importance of one data-standard


Key insights into funding, procurement and scaling-up zero-emission bus fleets

17 October 2019 | 50m | 🇺🇸

Valery Kang – ViriCiti

Fred Silver  – CALSTART

  • How purchasing zero emission buses is different from traditional buses
  • How to choose and model various zero-emission buses to ensure your bus procurement meets your needs
  • What are the various ways to fund zero emission buses
  • How to convert data into actionable operational insights
  • How monitoring your batteries can increase their lifetime
  • How can data help scale your ZEB operations
  • What is the use case for specific parameter analytics and route analysis

The future of charging: the latest trends and developments in smart bus operations

1 July 2019 | 50m | 🇺🇸

Alexander Schabert – ViriCiti

Koen van Haperen – Heliox

  • How to optimize charging processes
  • Benefits of integrating data-sources and smart charging
  • The future possibilities of fast charging
  • Newest technologies and latest developments in charge stations


Maximize life and residual life of electric bus batteries 

18 September 2019 | 52m | 🇺🇸

Claudius Jehle – Fraunhofer IVI

Alexander Schabert – ViriCiti

  • How to monitor parameters and maintain warranty conditions.
  • What operational aspects can improve battery life.
  • Avoiding SOC/range limitations while lowering TCO.
  • How battery degradation impacts your operations & residual value.
  • Why battery determination shouldn’t be a task left to the manufacturer alone.


Die neuesten Trends und Entwicklungen im intelligenten Busbetrieb

6 September 2019 | 50m | 🇩🇪

Alexander Schabert – ViriCiti

Koen van Haperen – Heliox

  • Die Optimierung der Ladevorgänge
  • Die Vorteile von Smart Charging und einer Integration von Datenquellen 
  • Zukünftige Möglichkeiten für schnelles Laden
  • Die neuesten Technologien und Entwicklungen bei Ladestationen


Webinar Datenintegration im Elektrobusbetrieb: Von Disposition bis zum Depot

10 April 2019 | 50m | 🇩🇪

Alexander Schabert – ViriCiti

Thomas Haiz – Trapeze

  • Wie die Transformation von herkömmlichen Flotten zu e-Flotten unterstützt wird.
  • Wie die Integration Ihren Betrieb erleichtert.
  • Wie e-Flotten in die bestehende Leitstelleninfrastuktur und ins Depot integriert werden können.
  • Ein Beispielfall für das, was man aus der Datenintegration herausholen kann.