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The Battery Health package provides advanced battery maintenance and forecast indicators. 

We offer this service in partnership with TWAICE,

 world-leading battery experts.

Why do you need battery health?

Batteries can represent up to 50% of the cost of an electric vehicle. Keeping your batteries healthy means you are protecting your investment.

your investment

residual value

Get objective
depreciation tool

Forecast module

What does Battery Health include?

In addition to all the rich data you will get with our Basic and Insights and packages, the Battery Health package helps you get a clear understanding of the 2 main indicators: the current battery state-of-health (SOH) and an end of life prediction. 

We have partnered with TWAICE, the global market leader in predictive battery analytics software, so that you can get the best-in-class battery solution. 

Thanks to the deep integration between these two system, ViriCiti customers can now seamlessly access TWAICE’s comprehensive battery reports as an integrated part of ViriCiti’s fleet management dashboard

Current battery state-of-health (SOH)

The State of Health will let you know how much of the original capacity of your battery is still usable. 


This OEM-independent information can be useful for the planning, operations, and maintenance of your vehicles as well as a proof for eventual warranty claims.

End-of-life predictions

In the EV world, it is generally considered that when a battery reaches 80% of its original capacity it is no longer good for use. 


Knowing this information will help predict additional costs from replacing your batteries. This will also act as an objective depreciation tool for your balance sheet.


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