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Switch hybrid buses to all-electric mode automatically in predefined geofenced areas

Available to fleet operators with BAE Systems Series-ER (Electric Range) electric hybrid systems on transit buses.

Why choose EV Mode?

In addition to decreasing air pollution in densely populated areas or near bus stops, the new functionality will also help the Series-ER lower noise pollution, improve fuel mileage, and increase “engine-off” time.

Increase “engine-off” time

Using the internal combustion engine less

will help decrease maintenance costs. 

Improve fuel mileage

Spending more time in EV mode, will also help decrease fuel costs

– especially in dense traffic with many start/stop/idling moments.

How does EV mode work?

Create or edit a geofenced area in seconds in the ViriCiti dashboard (as seen above).

When a bus enters the area, the internal combustion engine is switched off automatically and the bus switches to the all-electric mode.

When the bus exits the area, the engine switches on automatically again.

See EV mode in action.
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Want to go the extra mile?

Check out more optional packages with advanced functionalities to upgrade your fleet operation.

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Minimaldatenset for DE
EV ModeBAE Certified for BAE Series-ER

Deepen your e-fleet insights with advanced analysis and export functionalities, detailed battery data, DM1 fault codes and alerts. Additional vehicle parameters available on consultation.


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