Automatic HVIP Reporting

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Set up automated reporting with ViriCiti
and receive up to $15,000 extra funding per vehicle.

Our automatic HVIP report includes:

  • Total time driving in DACs for the last quarter and cumulative
  • Total miles driven in DACs for the last quarter and cumulative
  • Percentage of total distance driven in DACs for the last quarter and cumulative
  • Percentage of total operation time driven in DACs for the last quarter

Automatic DAC and mileage data

The HVIP program stimulates the market introduction of low-emission vehicles in California.

To meet the terms and conditions of the program, the purchaser of the vehicle is responsible for having a telematics system that records the activity of the buses every quarter for at least 3 years or 50,000 miles. Data on mileage and time spent in disadvantaged communities (DACs) is essential for the program requirements. 

Gathering this data can be a hassle if done manually.

ViriCiti provides stress-free HVIP reporting through automatic reports.

Receive an extra $15,000 per bus with ViriCiti – on top of the standard funding

The HVIP voucher program provides a substantial amount in funding to those that buy one or more low-emission vehicles from approved vendors or OEMs. Extra funding of up to $15,000 is available for buses operated in disadvantaged communities (DACs).

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For more information about HVIP terms and conditions, have a look at the official implementation manual.

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