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More than 65% of E-Buses in the Netherlands are using ViriCiti’s telematics system

AMSTERDAM, JULY 2020 – Out of the 891 electric buses that are in use in the Netherlands (as of 1st of June 2020) [1], ViriCiti is proud to be integrated into 587 of them. This means that 65.88% of all the electric buses in the Netherlands are currently using the telematics system provided by ViriCiti to optimize their daily operations, eliminate range anxiety, and reduce costs. ViriCiti also provides charge station monitoring for about 250 chargers managed by Dutch operators Qbuzz and RET.


Preferred provider in The Netherlands 

Currently, ViriCiti’s customers include most large operators in the country, including RET, Arriva, and Qbuzz. For Amsterdam-based ViriCiti, the market leader in Europe and the US, having such a strong foothold in its home market is a fantastic achievement.

“We are really proud that so many Dutch operators make use of our world-leading telematics system. And we’ve also seen a growing interest for our mixed-fleet telematics services, as well as our Smart Driving and Smart Charging solutions.”

Freek Dielliesen, ViriCiti CEO

Electrification of public transport in the NL

The Netherlands has seen one of the fastest electrifications of public transport. At the beginning of 2020, 15% of all Dutch bus fleets were electric, the number of e-buses doubling from 2018 to 2019. The same growth is forecasted for 2020, with 600+ new e-buses expected to hit the Dutch roads. [2]

The country is seen as one of the most progressive in the world when it comes to the transition to zero-emission transport. [3] And, as the demand for electricity increases and the grid is expected to be more and more solicited in the coming years, topics like Smart Charging get a top spot on the public agenda. [4]

About ViriCiti:

ViriCiti started in 2012 with a focus on electric buses and trucks and is now market leader in the United States and Europe, with over 3500 buses and chargers connected to its platform. The company is working with over 200 OEMs and fleet operators worldwide and aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by offering an all-in-one solution for full-electric as well as mixed fleets. Last January, they raised €6.25 million to expand their focus on the North American market.

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Cristiana Stoian, Communications Manager and ViriCitizen