Smart Driving

Improve efficiency, safety and passenger comfort by analyzing driving data
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What is Smart Driving?

The efficiency of your operation depends on more than just the right vehicles and infrastructure. Driving style has a significant impact on consumption and safety. And it can be hard to influence – that is, without data.

Smart Driving shows you how drivers are handling their vehicles and what aspects they can improve. ViriCiti’s Smart Driving is the fairest on the current market, for both drivers and operators – it only considers the drivers’ influence on the trips; external factors like weather and bus load are excluded.

The transparent data guides you in training your drivers in order to increase efficiency, safety, and passenger comfort.

Why use Smart Driving for your operation?

That’s simple – for better efficiency, improved passenger comfort, and safety:

  • Efficiency
  • Reduce fuel / energy costs
  • Monitor driver’s impact on efficiency
  • Monitor regeneration rate
  • Safety
  • Reduce harsh braking and cornering
  • Monitor driving style improvement
  • Reduce accidents & vehicle damage
  • Passenger comfort
  • Increase passenger comfort
  • Improve customer satisfaction

See how Keolis Nederland uses Smart Driving

How does Smart Driving work?



See which drivers drive most and least smooth, and which improved their driving style the most. The score calculation considers only the influence of the driver on the trips; external factors are excluded. 


Track incidents like harsh braking and show event trends,  locations where particular events occur, as well as incident frequency per location, increasing transparency between management and drivers.


Improve fuel efficiency by tracking periodically the consumption related to driver scoring, and offer additional training to drivers who need it most.


Have both an overview of all drivers’ data and in-depth information on single driver scoring, trip and event history, as well as performance trends and efficiency.

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