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Electric buses are only one side of the equation. Chargers are essential for a successful transition to e-mobility.

As a charger manufacturer, you want to provide your customers with the most reliable charging services.

The ViriCiti telematics platform allows you to receive incident alerts in real time and have remote control over your chargers.

This way, problems are solved before operational disruptions happen.

For maximum flexibility, we integrate with your chargers via OCPP or our DataHub.

Optimize your services with ViriCiti

Quick, efficient maintenance

Get remote diagnostics and historical insights for your chargers, so your engineers save time and costs. Add the ability to do OTA updates.

Warranty claims

Use our cloud-stored raw data as an independent proof for warranty claims and uptime reports.

Remote support

Real time charger data allows you to diagnose issues faster. Remote hard and soft resets can solve the problem before it creates operational disruptions.

Smart Charging ready

Offer world leading Smart Charging capabilities to your customers without maintaining any costly back-end solution on your side.

OCPP ready

We can integrate with any type of charger via OCPP. No additional hardware needed.

ViriCiti Certification

Receive an official charger integration certificate from ViriCiti which can be used in tenders as proof that your chargers models are compatible with the ViriCiti dashboard.

Our solutions are compatible with leading charging stations brands including:

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