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The construction vehicle industry is slowly but surely going electric.

The new technology helps you reduce fuel costs and air & noise pollution. 

But electric vehicles bring new challenges and opportunities. Having clear insights into your vehicles becomes essential, as does having data you can trust.

With ViriCiti’s holistic platform, you have a true all-in-one solution. 

Our telematics system is designed to support all your teams with machine-learning algorithms that guarantee data accuracy.

Optimize your operation with ViriCiti

Track vehicle utilization

Get clear data on when, where and how your vehicles are used. Our platform facilitates preventive and predictive maintenance.

Deep vehicle parameter integration

With ViriCiti you get deeper proprietary integration with all vehicle data –   from tool pressure to speed of digging shovels. All in one platform.

Data you can trust

As an independent third party, we provide you with centralized data that is fully autonomous, transparent and OEM-agnostic. 

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