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Expanding electric fleets mean more pressure on the power grid.

This means operators are increasingly looking at integrating other energy sources like renewable energy (such as solar), generators, or battery storage. 

Utility and grid operators are also working closely with fleets to better understand demand side response.  

But how do you understand and automate the entire process?

Integration between your telematics, charger management and microgrid system becomes essential.

With ViriCiti’s holistic platform, you have a true all-in-one solution. 

Our telematics system is designed to support all your teams with machine-learning algorithms that guarantee data accuracy.

Optimize your operation with ViriCiti

Full integration

Ensure the best use the energy available from different sources through integrating your telematics, charger management and microgrid system.

Forecast your energy needs

With ViriCiti you get an energy demand forecast based on the operational needs of your fleet, predicting how much energy your buses require to complete a route or block.

ViriCiti Smart Charging Dashboard

Get in control of charging

Smart Charging allows you to manage charging most efficiently across your entire fleet accordingly.


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