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As the race towards achieving clean transportation accelerates, school buses turn zero-emission too.

Electric buses also come with a variety of questions – Can my buses finish their routes? Are they safe? How are drivers adapting to them?

Maybe you have just started electrifying your school bus fleet, which means you now need to monitor a mixed fleet (diesel and electric), or have buses and chargers from various manufacturers. 

Therefore, having clear insights into your vehicles becomes essential, as does having data you can trust.

With ViriCiti’s holistic solution, you have a true all-in-one solution. 

Our telematics system is designed to support all your teams with machine-learning algorithms that guarantee data accuracy.

Optimize your operation with ViriCiti

Increase safety & reduce costs

From driving style analysis to idling and incident insights, our solution helps you improve passenger safety and cut unnecessary costs.

Get in control of charging

With ViriCiti, it’s easy to make sure your vehicles are always charged when needed. Keep batteries healthy and lower charging costs.

Real-time overview of all assets

Eliminate the complexity of managing a multi-asset operation. Get one system for real-time updates and historic data for all your vehicles and chargers.

Prolong vehicle life

Understand utilization and identify issues timely & remotely, so that your vehicles stay longer on the road.

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Over 350 EV fleet operators worldwide trust ViriCiti.
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